Renovation on human resources management in Vietnam: current situation and solutions

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Summary: Socio-economic strategy in the period of 2011 – 2020 was approved in the 11th Party Congress, affirmed that “Rapidly develop human resources, especially highly skilled workers, focus on reforming national education basically and comprehensively ; closely combine human resource development with science, technology development and application” is one of three objectives for rapid and sustainable development until 2020. For achieving objectives of the Strategy, one of the urgent requirements at present is State management reform of human resource development. This writing will analyze fact situation of State management of human resource development in the past time on the basis of 4 main contents: (1) Orient and develop human resource through promulgating Strategies, Plans and Programs on human resource development; (2) Make legal framework and legal environment for human resource development; (3) Directly adjust human resource development through State budget, direct supply with basic social services; and (4) Exam, monitor and supervise implementation of law, policies on human resource development

Ngô Minh Tuấn – CIEM