Approach and propose the minimum subsistence standard of Vietnam, 2013

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Summary: Minimum subsistence standard is one of issued stated in the Resolution 15-NQ/TW, dated 01.06.2012 of the Fifth Conference of the XI Central Executive Committee on some social policy issues for period 2012 to 2020. Identification of commonly agreed minimum subsistence standard as a basis for the beneficiaries targeting as well as the identification of assistance allowance level is very important. However, so far, the minimum subsistence standard has not yet formally recognized in Vietnam and there is absence of method of calculation of this type of standard. In essence, the minimum subsistence standard is the lowest level of welfare and income to maintain life at the lowest level in corresponding to a certain level of socio-economic development of a country or region and at a certain time. Minimum subsistence standard need to ensure to cover the basic needs of food, foodstuff, clothing, housing, transportation, clean water, education, health and health care .It can be said that the minimum standard living exists objectively, reflecting the level of socio-economic development of a country in general and the economic development in particular. This study aimed to clarify the methodology for determining this standard as well as using the data to identify the overall and regional minimum subsistence for 2013