Announcement workshop: The Newsletter of Vietnam labour market Update Volume 7, quarter 3 in 2015

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On 24th Dec 2015,  the Ministry of labour, invalids and social affairs (MOLISA) held the Announcement workshop: the Newsletter for labour market update volume 7, quarter 3 in 2015 at The Institute of labour science and social affairs (ILSSA) conference room.

The Workshop was conducted by Mr. Doan Mau Diep – the Deputy Minister of MOLISA and Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong – The General director of ILSSA, The head editor of Newsletter.

Participants of workshop include representatives from General statistics Office, Ministries, agencies, social organizations, universities, Hanoi’s department of labour, invalids and social affairs and public medias.


In the speech at the Workshop’s opening, Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep commented that the Newsletter already updated the latest labour market information, this demonstrated the current situation of labour market. Particularly, the data of skilled worker’s unemployment rate did warn significantly about an imbalance between labour market’s supply-demand and the underemployment rate.

By considering on above rates, training facilities need to have education plan that should be appropriate with market’s demand to avoid wasted resources as well as generating the transformation in the awareness of selecting job before and after training.

 Deputy Minister emphasized on 8 main points of labour market in the 3rd quarter/2015, which are:

  1. The labour force participant rate was at high level (76,4%); the number of jobs increased by 632 thousands against to the 2nd quarter in 2015; the paid worker percentage grew of 40.4%; the unemployment rate was 2.35%, the unemployment rate of youth was still high (7.3%), it was triple the general rate of whole country.
  2. The labour’s quality was expressed through the slight increase of rate among trained workers with qualification. Moreover, it was the first time in the history of participating Worldskills, Vietnam delegation won a medal.
  3. There was clearly a movement in labour structure when the number of employed people increased considerably in groups of: processing and manufacturing industry; building; wholesale and retail; repairing car motorcycles and other vehicles with engine, but the number decreased in agriculture, forestry and fishery sector, ..
  4. The number of labour dispatched to work abroad with contract rose well, within this quarter, there were 34 thousand workers dispatched to good markets like Japan, Taiwan.
  5. Average monthly income of workers increased roughly by 147 thousand in comparison with previous quarter.
  6. The unemployment dropped but is still under consideration level, especially in the group of trained labor; Long-term unemployment ratio (over 12 months) increased, which accounted for a quarter of all unemployed workers.
  7. The Number of employees participating in Social insurance (SI) increased by 3.7% since earlier year, this reached at 22.23% of total Labour force. 2014 SI law has taken effect with the expansion of social insurance participants, this is expected to help boost up the number and the rate of SI participant.
  8. Initially, activities of the Employment Service Center satisfied requirements of businesses and workers, however they have only concentrated in big cities. The whole system needs to implement comprehensively all types of services and improve service quality to meet the new situation..


Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Thi Lan Huong on the behalf of Editorial board presented the main content of Newsletter.

The workshop also received some opinions to clarify more about the data, criteria of Newsletter, this can support Editorial board in making next volumes with better quality.

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