Announcement workshop of Newsletter: Viet Nam Labour Market Update volume 8, quarter 4/2015

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On 18 March 2016, Ministry of labour, invalids and social affair held the Announcement workshop of Newsletter: Viet Nam labour market update volume 8, quarter 4/2015 at ILSSA’s conference room.

The workshop was conducted under the administration of Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep – Ministry of labour, invalids and social affairs and Mr. Dao Quang Vinh, general director of ILSSA.

Hosting the Workshop: Deputy minister Doan Mau Diep and Mr.Dao QUang Vinh – ILSSA general director 

Participants in workshop are representatives from various Ministries, agencies, socio-political organizations, research departments, Universities, Labour-social affair department of Ha Noi and many media agencies

In opening remark, Deputy minister Doan Mau Diep appreciated highly the newsletter such as: the newsletter had updated the latest labour market information and indicated occurrences of labour market. Particularly, by looking on the unemployment ratio among skilled worker groups and underemployment rate (over-qualification against job position), these indicators warned a significant unbalance between supply and demand in labour market. As a consequence, training centers need training plans which should be more appropriate with market demand, avoid wasting resources and also create social movement of awareness in choosing career or job after and before training.

Deputy Minister Doan Mau Diep was speaking in the workshop

Deputy Minister also emphasized on the whole picture of quarter 4 labour market described in Newsletter volume 8 through positive sign, as bellow:

  1. Labour force participation increased.
  2. The number of employed population increased 332.64 thousand people.
  3. Employment quality was improved (Employment structure had positive transformation; The percentage of paid worker constantly grew up (40.42%); there was slight reduction in Agriculture-Forestry-Fishery percentage (42.3%),…).
  4. Average monthly income from main job of paid worker kept increasing ( gained 4.66 million dong); Social insurance participation rate had a steady growth.
  5. Unemployment condition was solved partly.
  6.  Programs of dispatching worker to work abroad under fixed term contract continue to be effective, v.v..
  7.  Active labour market policy kept taking effect on preventing and recovering unemployment and underemployment issue. Both Social and unemployment insurance policies contributed to assure social protection for workers in case of being unemployed, risked and retired.

Apart from above positive sides, there were still some restrictions that need to be concerned in labour market such as:

  1. Skilled Labour force aged over 15 (people with degree/certificate of training during 3 months and more) increased 45 thousand people against to previous quarter, however this growth was not as high as the increase of labour force, therefore, the proportion of skilled worker was dropped in comparison with the last quarter (20.20% labor force).
  2. Despite the number of employed people with University degree going up (increased 111.54 thousand compared to last quarter), about 23% of these skilled workers were still under overqualification state. In some way, this reflected that the training quality did not meet market’s demand.

Under the current world context, Deputy Minister also emphasized on 5 significant trends, which are going to occurring rapidly in next decades: (1) urbanization and migration; (2) the restructuring of the population; (3)  scarcity of nature resources; (4) shifting investment flows, especially direct investment from oversea; and (5) the application of breakthrough technological advances, Viet Nam need further adjustments that need for adaption of common trends, of which several problems related to labour market.

Assoc.Prof.Dr Nguyen Thi Lan Huong, Chief Editor of Newsletter presented key content in Newsletter.

The Workshop received some contributions to make clear figures, criteria of Newsletter, which enabled more way for Editorial board to improve Newsletter’s quality in next volumes.

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