Proposing and ordering S&T tasks to be implemented in 2024

13/04/2023 11:03:23

              In order to have a basis for developing a scientific and technological (S&T) research plan in 2024 of the Ministry, the Institute of Labor Science and Social Affairs shall notify and guide units on proposing and ordering S&T tasks at ministerial and state levels (if any) to be implemented from 2024 as follows:

1. Bases for proposal and order of S&T tasks: resolutions, strategies, plans, directives ... of the Party and the State related to the fields of the sector; socio-economic development plans of sectors and units; S&T issues directly serving practical requirements on State management in the field of labor, meritorious people and society managed by the Ministry; the practical needs of the unit...

2. A proposal for S&T tasks should clearly state the urgency, novelty and non-duplication of S&T tasks that have been or are being implemented; The main contents and expected results of the proposed task are reasonable, feasible and clear application address.

It is recommended that units refer to the list of ministerial-level S&T tasks implemented in the period of 2018-2023 at the website

3. A proposal dossier includes:

- A form of proposal and order for S&T tasks: Research institutes, universities/colleges proposing S&T tasks according to form 1a-ĐXNV; State management units and other non-business units under the Ministry shall order S&T tasks according to form 1b-ĐXĐH enclosed with this letter.

- A list of proposed S&T tasks arranged in order of priority of tasks (in case of proposal of 02 or more) (form B2-THĐX);

The dossier has a stamp and direct signature, presented and printed on A4 paper size, using Vietnamese font (Times New Roman).

4. Organization of implementation:

To comply with the Ministry's request on renewing the development of annual scientific research plans, request Heads of units under and directly under the Ministry to direct and implement the formulation of proposals and order S&T tasks in accordance with the Ministry's plans as follows:

- Before February 28, 2023: Units send proposals and orders to the Institute of Labor and Social Sciences to summarize and report to the Ministry;

- Before March 30, 2023: The Ministry announces the list of S&T tasks ordered to be implemented in 2024;

- Before April 30, 2023: Organizations and individuals registered to participate in the task of submitting explanatory documents;

Before June 30, 2023: The Ministry announces approval of the list of tasks, the leading organization, the funding for the implementation and the management board of ministerial-level tasks in 2024.

For more information, please contact the Department of Scientific Management, phone: 024.39387384, email: