Workshop “Employment – related issues and and policy approach for informal employment in Vietnam” ILSSA

12/10/2017 00:00:00

Workshop “Employment – related issues and and policy approach for informal employment in Vietnam” ILSSA

In the research cooperation framework of “Informal labour survey” under the Project “Support to the transition of Informal labour to Formal labour” sponsored by the ILO, the Institute of Labour Science and Social Affairs coordinates with the ILO to organize a workshop “Employment and Social Protection – related issues of informal employment in Vietnam” on Friday morning, 6th October 2017 at Press Club Hanoi.

The objective of the workshop is to share information and consult experts on some issues related to employment, voluntary social insurance and policy of informal employment in Vietnam.

The attendants of the workshop are representatives from Ministries, sectors, social organizations, research institutes, university, Hanoi DOLISA, NgheAn DOLISA, NgheAn Social Security and press agencies.

In the opening speech, Dr. Dao QuangVinh – Director General of the ILSSA emphasizes that “the size of informal employment is very large and tends to increase. The typical feature of informal employment is unstable, low and irregular income, long working hours, unsafety working condition. Workers in this sector are often neglected in public policies without access to preferential credit policy, vocational training, etc. In the coming time, the informal sector and informal employment still play an important role the the Vietnamese economy. Therefore, in-depth research on informal employment is necessary to give recommendations of long-term support strategies for workers and employment”.

After all presentations at the workshop, there are many comments and suggestions to clarify the general picture on informal employment and the access to labour and employment policies, as well as social insurance policy of informal workers.

All comments and suggestions at the workshop are the basis for the ILO and ILSSA to finalize the report and propose recommendations on support policies for informal employment and strengthen the access to labour and employment policy, social insurance policy.

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