List of researches


1. Employment and Labour market
  • Measures to improve quality of high skilled workers to comply with economic requirements towards industrialization and modernization
  • Issues of foreign workers in Vietnam in the period of international integration
  • Solutions for promoting “green” work in Vietnam
  • ASEAN Integration 2015 and impacts of the integration on Vietnam labour market
  • Impact assessment of public investment cuts to labour market
  • The impact of economic growth recession to employment change and the social protection system (RIM)
  • Vietnam labour market analysis based on ILO’s key indicators of labour market
  • Theoretical and practical base for agricultural and rural labour restructuring towards industrialization and modernization
  • The forecast of economic growth and integration impacts in the periods of 2011-2020 on labour and employment and social affairs
  • Assessment of returned oversea workers in Vietnam
  • Situation analysis and measures for improvement of the state management model in vocational training in the integration and development context
  • Sectoral master plan of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs for some provinces/cities
2. Industrial relation, salary, wage
  • Building wage mechanism for staffs, officials base on job position
  • The relation between labour productivity and wage in Vietnam
  • Minimum – average – maximum wage relations
  • Impacts of changes in prices on wages and incomes
  • Capacity building for analysis of wage and social insurance policies
  • Developing wage payment regulations, finalizing norms of working, assessing demand of resources for enterprises in Vietnam
3. Working environment and conditions
  • Trial application of the indicators set for self-monitoring, assessing working safety and hygien at work place of SMEs
  • Building solutions to ensure sustainable livelihood for poor people in the rural area in the Mekong Delta in the context of climate change and rising sea level
  • Impact evaluation of climate change on ethnic minorities’ livelihood and accessing capacity of basic social services
  • Surveying, evaluating the working condition status and identifying the list of heavy workload, poisonous, dangerous job/occupation and extreme heavy workload, poisonous, dangerous job/occupation in Petro Vietnam Corporation
  • Working environment and standards in SMEs in handicraft villages
  • Developing a set of norms for self-supervision, environment evaluation, health and occupational safety in enterprises
  • Finalizing methods for identification of dangerous and hazardous occupations
4. Social protection
  • Summarizing 30 years of Doi Moi on Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in Vietnam, submit to the Central Theory Committee, permanent agency of the Steering Committee of Summarizing theoritical and pratical issues of 30 years of Doi Moi.
  • Solving social issues in the new context, submit to the Party, Government Official Commitee about Summarizing theoritical and pratical issues of 30 years of Doi Moi.
  • The main issues of social policies in the period of 2012-2020, Master plan submitted to the 5th Plenum of the Party Central Committee
  • Scientific foundation for developing social protection floor in Vietnam in the period of 2011-2020
  • Adopting innovative thinking on prevention of social evils in the period of integration
  • Reviewing Vietnam Social Cohesion policy
  • Orientation for expanding social protection coverage in Vietnam until 2020
  • Assessment of the capacity and opportunity to access social services of the poor group, vulnerable group, especially people in remote, minority ethnic area
  • The awareness of people about living quality gap in Vietnam
  • The impact of population aging to employment and social protection during 2015-2020
  • Theoritical and pratical basis for building policy to encourage voluntary social insurance participation of poor labor, minority ethnic labor, farmer with income lower than average level
  • Planning to develop the social facility network of Ha Noi up to 2020, vision 2030
  • Assessment on factual situations of labour and vulnerable group in the policy framework on social protection
  • Building monitoring indicator for assessing operation of social insurance, social assistance, poverty reduction system
5. Poverty reduction
  • Identifying the correlation between types of standard
  • Experimental application of the poor household self-identification methodology at locals
  • Determining poverty line in the period of 2011-2015
  • Developing and training the procedures of poor household identification in the period of 2011-2015.
  • Midterm assessment on the National target program on poverty reduction during 2006-2010
6. Child care and protection
  • The National report on Child labor 2012
  • Assessment of child labour status in 5 provinces/cities in Vietnam
  • Situation of social welfare for children in 8 provinces/cities in Vietnam
  • Review of policies on assistance for the poor and vulnerable children
7. Gender equality
  • National report on Social protection for women and girls in Vietnam
  • Developing indicators system for gender equality monitoring in Vietnam
  • Revision of labour laws and policies from a gender perspective
  • Assessment on the impact of adjusting retirement age to economic, labor and social issues
  • The awareness of people about living quality gap in Vietnam
  • Reforming the retirement age of female workers in Vietnam
  • Rapid assessment on migrant labour and human trafficking at border of Vietnamese – Chinese
  • Socio-economic impacts of Vietnam WTO admission to rural female worker